One Hundred Weeks Of Tuesdays, Squared Away

#100 – Tuesday February 12th

The studio is reasonably squared away, a couple of boxes still needing sorting through but pushed off to the side, and I’m back to work. The new canvasses are, thirty by thirty inches . . . and yes, squares. It’s no mystery I enjoy playing with language, so for this one hundredth Tuesday a bit of visual riffing on this, the friendly equal sided, right-angled, rectangle.

I’ll begin with the new canvas.  Jumping in represents an act of reckless abandon, and one of my three favorite moments nestled within the act of painting.


Next, a bit of manipulation. The drama of a February sunset in the southwest, photographed through the trees. Cropped, flipped and reassembled.

Orange sky with branches

The things one finds during a purge. A photograph appropriated from “The Unicorn Book of 1953″ imagined as a feat of acrobatic derring-do. The tome, in the publisher’s words, highlights the “Outstanding Events of the Year“. The original photograph appeared in the New York Daily News.

Spiral Fall

A delightful consequence of being know as a collector of esoterica, when I’m offered anything remotely perceived as interesting,  I can’t refuse. So I just say yes thank you, I’ll add it to the library . . . pop it into a nice little out-of-the-way space and promptly forget it. I discovered this commemorative stamp celebrating Arizona’s fifty years of statehood, 1912 – 1962 (again, cropped and flipped) in a dust-covered attempt at philately, acquired when and where I have no recollection.

Arizona 1962

There it is, square beginnings, and fun with squares, one hundred Tuesdays and counting.

Thanks for reading.


I welcome any and all comments, thanks for reading!

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