When Done Isn’t Finished And The Art of Pick and Choose

#124 – Tuesday August 6th

Left  side. . . done, right side . . . finished . . . funny how that happens. But sometimes being done, is really just getting started.

#47 then and now

Four of the new paintings are on their way to Perimeter Gallery, Chicago. Perimeter has represented my work for over two decades and continues to have a pivotal role in the success of my creative endeavors. It’s always interesting to see what paintings the gallery takes and I’m happy to let them pick. I have my favorites, ones steeped in the process of their making, but often those don’t translate into something with resonance for the viewer . . . and I’m OK with that. I put them all up for review, and the ones touching a soft spot get chosen  . . .  These are three.


Then the fourth.


What’s been playing this week in the studio? Toe. A quartet of Japanese musicians . . . what captured my ear, remarkable guitar work yes, but more . . . Kashikura Takash on percussion  . . . just off the charts.

Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “When Done Isn’t Finished And The Art of Pick and Choose

    • Holly, Serendipity. Found myself in a tea shop in Scottsdale (don’t ask) Started a conversation with the young man working. Tangentially something musical, he mentioned Toe. Toe? Hmmm. Studio soundtrack playlist since.

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