Opening With Installation View (Augmented)

#180 – Tuesday, March 17th

Kurre at Perimeter GalleryPerimeter Gallery. Chicago in March.  A smattering during February and one July. In the eleven times since nineteen eighty-nine, it’s been mostly March, and regardless of cold, snow, or the iconic windy days, I love it. For a few of the early ones Chicago was home, and while now I’m an ardent desert dweller, it’s great to be back. Yes, as a weather dilettante, but being in Chicago with March roaring about, it feels like the warm embrace of a good friend . . . now if I could just find my gloves.

Perimeter Gallery, Chicago is showing the new paintings through April tenth. To view the work in greater detail, a link to the gallery website:  or

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3 thoughts on “Opening With Installation View (Augmented)

  1. Charles, I love following your posts. Your work is incredible, as always. If you ever envision staying in Boise (Garden City) for a month or so, I am on the board of directors (newly appointed) at Surel’s Place, an artist in residency program. Check out the website, and see what you think…we would love to potentially host you sometime!

    • Heather,
      Thank you for your very lovely and kind words. Surel’s Place looks amazing and yes I would be interested. Actually the source imagery for several of the new paintings was generated by hiking up in the Sawtooths, and having the opportunity to spend a concentrated time back up in that neck of the woods (no pun intended) is very inviting.

  2. Charles, it was 70 ! here yesterday : ) I’m so glad we got to meet each other and thanks so much for stopping by my studio. Still planning on going to Perimeter to see the show soon. Best, Anita

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