Every path goes somewhere

ihet – january/february 2019 – issue 123

Every path goes somewhere, so to discover where this particular path would take me . . . I drew this map.

. . . I thought likely to steer toward something akin to this . . .

. . . but instead, it guided me here . . .

Ever since the exhibition at the Fischl Gallery, I’d planned to update the web site with the recent work, but it seems a task always at the bottom of the list. Meanwhile I was working on another group of mixed/manipulated media studies toward what became the painting reproduced here. It was this process that inspired me to dive in and re-design the entire website. Besides a new format, I’ve updated the painting portfolios, added a section for the mixed media studies and drawings, and a section for the objects I make, beginning with work from the Monuments Series of vignettes. I’m still adding content to all the portfolios, so take a look, and check back soon! charleskurre.art

Thanks for reading.


I welcome any and all comments, thanks for reading!

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