Charles Kurre is a Phoenix, Arizona based artist, and member of Eye Lounge artist collective. He’s a past recipient of an Arizona Commission on the Arts (ACA) Project Grant, and curated an exhibition for the ACA Traveling Exhibition Program. The ACA exhibition, Language/Image/Object, explored the power and magic of language on visual expression. His work was featured in New American Paintings and Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine, and reviewed by Art News, Art & Antiques, Dialogue, and New Art Examiner magazines, as well as the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chicago Reader newspapers.

My work is inspired by a lifetime of back-country exploration within a narrative of contemporary urban life. Abstracted photographic images of landscape features provide the visual foundation for the work and the metaphor for exploring the history of remembrance sculpted by the passage of time. The text accompanying the work is assembled from day-to-day social interactions and functions not so much to describe a visual experience but the environment in which it’s remembered. This construct between language and image examines the space between the intellectual and emotional contextualization of experience and its power to reshape belief.

I welcome any and all comments, thanks for reading!

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