Every path goes somewhere

ihet – january/february 2019 – issue 123

Every path goes somewhere, so to discover where this particular path would take me . . . I drew this map.

. . . I thought likely to steer toward something akin to this . . .

. . . but instead, it guided me here . . .

Ever since the exhibition at the Fischl Gallery, I’d planned to update the web site with the recent work, but it seems a task always at the bottom of the list. Meanwhile I was working on another group of mixed/manipulated media studies toward what became the painting reproduced here. It was this process that inspired me to dive in and re-design the entire website. Besides a new format, I’ve updated the painting portfolios, added a section for the mixed media studies and drawings, and a section for the objects I make, beginning with work from the Monuments Series of vignettes. I’m still adding content to all the portfolios, so take a look, and check back soon! charleskurre.art

Thanks for reading.


Notes on pesky problems, looking in on medium large nuts and bolts, and seaside for the soul.

ihet  july/august 2017  issue 228

This is my most recent pesky problem. I’m nibbling around the edges, to no avail. So I just look at it. and wait. Then ignore it, and wait. Look at it, and wait. Thing is, there’s always an open-ended space somewhere in there, a questing needing a proper answer, and dumping some thoughtless thing into that space, simply because I can, defeats the purpose. So I’m ok with the patience and perseverance the process requires.

I don’t get tied up in creative knots. I just go where curiosity leads, and most recently, that’s constructing compact stage-like vignettes.  These interludes begin where the narrative qualities of the paintings leave off. Looking in on medium large nuts and bolts.

O’ Those Beach Days. The customs of a well polished routine, illustrated.

Wherever your summer happens to take you . . . have a good one . . . and thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading.


The ihet Spring Garden Special

ihet – issue 225 – april 2017

An experiment. Adjustments three through eleven. Images of two paintings disassembled, co-mingled, reconstructed, photographed, and drawn on.  Ink Jet print on copy paper, graphite and color pencil.

The Acacia tree has gone crazy.  It’s an African Fever Acacia that produces round fuzzy yellow flowers . . . acres and acres of them.  A carpet of them. Keeping on top of this onslaught takes tools. For yard work it’s the rake. I prefer metal tined, long wood handles, and having several rakes of different widths, help make my raking more productive. The tree, besides being a prodigious flower producing monster that’s covered with needle sharp thorns, the tree’s expansive mottled shade and lovely green ever exfoliating bark marks it a gem of a tree and the time spent tending it . . . well spent. Illustrated are the protagonists. The tree, the flowers, and one of the three rakes.

April. Just under the wire.  Thanks for reading.