How To Assemble The Kite (One Hundred Seventy Nine By Eleven Cubed)

ihet  june 2017  issue 227

How to Assemble the Kite  is the other one. Eleven drawn, cubed, and liberally applied to one seventy-nine.

I like the process of melding these identities. The mixing of fragments to an ordered fashion. Steps faithfully followed and applied to canvas. Its structure, a guiding principle, woven into the fabric of transformation.

It started with the temporary sculptures. Mostly small assembled groups of things, digitally documented, the pieces dispersed. Now the parts stay together. Stories collected, intermingled and named.  Machine painting the end of time and the hole to fall into.

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Collecting Summer’s Bones

#193 – Tuesday, September 15th.

A collection of tangles. Knotted debris entwined, aftermath of natures energies. Labyrinths of confusion defying reconciliation. Disregard for strident efforts at organization. Marriages of chaos wrapped up and captured by the capriciousness of fate. Messy and twisted. Summer’s bones. Shot in color, ink-jet printed in black and white. The paper drenched in water and let dry, then rephotographed. Images presented as points of departure. Catalysts for the paintings to come. It’s good to be back.

wood river 36

Wood River 38-001

Wood River 37-001

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